Adventure Stage Chicago

I have spent the last few months as the education intern at Adventure Stage Chicago, a theatre focused on showing young people real life heroes on stage. One of the values of the theatre company is simply that "the world needs more heroes," a sentiment I have grown very close too. Seeing heroes in daily life is something that will assist children in seeing themselves as heroes.

In assisting in the conceptualization and creation of an interactive lobby display for Adventure Stage Chicago's most recent work Six Stories Tall telling the story of the audience members roles as heroes to us was something we found very important. A cityscape hero photo booth (hand made by myself) really helped us capture this feeling, as well as a create your own hero mask area. 

Prospero's Storm

My work as a dramaturg on Prospero's Storm at Chicago Playworks began with the conceptualization and creation of a common core connected learning guide to send out to teachers and students. This learning guide contained activities that were not only connected to the arts, but to subjects such as science and math as well. This learning guide was intended to allow students to carry the play with them into other contexts and make theatre a relevant part of their daily lives.

Also as a part of this I facilitated multiple talk backs with the 900 seat audience of school children, using a "raise your hand if" style that welcomed everyone to silently participate and then opening up the floor to sharing. This is something I love doing as it directly involves the students in what is going on in the theatre and really makes them a part of the process. Being able to involve kids in the show through talk backs is something that really makes the show memorable for the students as well as the creative team.