Cinderella: The Remix

My primary function on this show was as assistant director to Coya Paz. Cinderella: The Remix was part of the season at Chicago Playworks, a centrally based theatre for young audiences in Chicago. This play was all about girl power, and liberation. Things that aren't always the highlights of our traditional Cinderella. Set in Hip-Hop Hollywood, our play focused on a young girl who wanted to be a DJ but couldn't because only boys were allowed to DJ in Hip-Hop Hollywood. 

My primary roles and responsibilities were taking notes while we built and blocked the show as well as reworking scenes while refining blocking with actors. I was also responsible for assisting in taking and giving notes to both actors and the creative team during tech. 


The Day John Henry Came to School

The Day John Henry Came to School at Chicago Playworks was a high energy rap musical that focused on the effect of technology on kids in today's society. What is important about this play, in my opinion, is that it doesn't ultimately frown upon the values of tech in the modern day. Although the main character, Johnny Henry, does get a little too engrossed in his games and tech he does find a way to use it for good in the end.

My primary function on this show was Assistant Director to Ernie Nolan. As assistant director I assisted in re-writing and re-styling the raps. I also worked on blocking and staging scenes with the actors as well as some light choreography work. When necessary I worked one-on-one with actors rehearsing lines or choreography. During this show I also took and gave notes to the actors when relevant.